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David Miskimin is a business coach and mentor to CEO's, Directors, Executives, Partners and Owner-managers. His work is with individuals or teams in business, as well as a handful of retained private clients.

His work mix is organised to serve the widest range of needs between private and public sector businesses.

David Miskimin


David has worked in the SME market as well as holding senior management positions within ICL, NorTel and Reuters.

He also has experience working in and for the public sector. As an accredited trainer, consultant and coach, David helps others gain the awareness and confidence needed to make choices which result in them being happier, more fulfilled and effective.

Boost your confidence and awareness



We all have special talents and unlimited potential. The issue is few know how to access these abilities. Too many have total clarity on what they don't want, yet lack clarity on what they do want in their lives and businesses!! Is it any wonder stress and strain are on the increase?

This background is what drove David to establish DLM Associates, with it's ethos - transforming performance - be it business or personal.


Make sure you're in control


Website: www.thedirectorscoach.com
Email: info@thedirectorscoach.com
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